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DOI: The document also includes recommendations on the management of superficial and perforating vein incompetence in patients with associated, more advanced chronic venous diseases CVDsincluding edema, skin changes, or venous ulcers.

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The level of available evidence to support the evaluation or treatment can be of high Amedium Bor low or very low C quality. The key recommendations of these guidelines are: We recommend that in patients with varicose veins or more severe CVD, a complete history and detailed physical examination are complemented by duplex ultrasound scanning of the deep and superficial veins GRADE 1A.

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We suggest compression therapy for patients with symptomatic varicose veins GRADE 2C but recommend against compression loft totsst l_kuvannya varicose as the primary treatment if the patient is a candidate for saphenous vein ablation GRADE 1B. To decrease the recurrence of venous ulcers, we recommend ablation of the incompetent superficial veins in addition to compression therapy GRADE 1A.

For treatment of the incompetent great saphenous vein GSVwe recommend endovenous thermal ablation radiofrequency or laser rather than high ligation and inversion stripping of the saphenous vein to the level of the knee GRADE 1B.

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We suggest treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome and pelvic varices with coil embolization, plugs, or transcatheter sclerotherapy, used alone or together GRADE 2B. Copyright © Society for Vascular Surgery.

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